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If something dos not work, please check the following tips

The stream is completely controlled by the cameras itself, no computer transfer the data. This means that you sometimes have to wait up to 20 seconds before the streaming begin.



The stream won’t start

The stream won’t start 2

The stream won’t start 3

If you use Internet Explorer, please switch to another browser. If you must use Internet Explorer please click the link on the right side of the stream window.

If the stream dosn’t start after 25 seconds the server is at max capacity. Please try again in a short period of time.

If many are viewing the stream at the same time the FPS will drop. Approximately FPS:

One visitor: 15 FPS

Two visitors: 10 FPS

Three visitors: 6 FPS

Four visitors: 5 FPS

The stream is slow

Welcome to our camera in the chicken coop